Jul 20, 2011

richard rogers: from the house to the city

Richard Roger says, “Singapore is one of the most important and beautiful urban hubs in the world. We’re delighted to have been given the opportunity to showcase our work in a city that places such a strong emphasis on encouraging good architecture and urban design. Good design can help address many social and environmental concerns and improve the quality of our lives. We hope that this exhibition will highlight and spur on greater discourse on the importance of creating distinctive buildings and public spaces that are fundamental to better living.”

how did i not know about this exhibit until now.  well, i'm just glad i caught it in time.  The Richard Rogers + Architects: From the House to the City exhibit at the ura covers over 40 years of his work.  all with models, drawing and photos.  i didn't except such an extensive display of projects! i can go on about it but if you care enough to read, you probably want to go down yourself!

i thought this looked familiar.. 88 wood street.  then i remembered the awful group project in school where we had to build a model of this building based on just a few drawings with no scale.  seeing all the complex models at the exhibit made me realize how cruel that assignment was.  and i wonder where it went....

the exhibit totally matches my blog :)

it was originally supposed to end on 23 July but i just read online that they have extended until the 20 Aug.  it will be a shame to end such a cool exhibit so fast.   

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