Oct 19, 2011

unhappy hipsters

i came across a really funny blog called unhappy hipsters. it will give you a fresh new perspective to modern design with all that sarcasm. they take beautiful photos from popular architecture and interior magazines and create a story for each one based on how cold and lonely true modern living can be.  

"There’s nothing like the comforting sight of one’s own home after a long, difficult day."

"Sick and tired of unsolicited tips from strangers on how to raise little Ottoman, Womb felt suddenly and inconsolably alone. Oh, the incredible isolation of life post-pregnancy."

"Maybe he’d have more visitors if his kitchen was stocked with more than just shattered dreams."

"It was punishment unique to her modernist parents: hours of solitary confinement with classic and contemporary design icons, followed by stern yet uncomfortably hypocritical lectures on freedom of expression and rejecting tradition."

visit unhappy hipsters for more...

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