Nov 14, 2011

My Design: Diamond Money Box!

I am back in Singapore and in full production mode with the part 2 of my wedding just few days away. This week will be dedicated to sharing my creative projects for the big day. First, check out the diamond shaped money box I made :) The 5 years of model making experience at the architecture school is paying off :P  

I started by building the frame with sticks. 



Ultimate_Princess said...

I really, really LOVE this idea and would like to use it for my wedding. Can post step by step instructions on how to make one of these?

Ringo said...

I'm glad you like it! I don't have very good instructions since I put it together as I went but here are some tips.

first, I cut the octagon out of plastic (or something that won't bend easily) and worked my way down from there to build the frame with wood. Then I measured and cut the paper to make the outer wrapper.
basically its 1 octagon, 16 triangles and 8 longer triangles.

the size of your octagon will determine the size of the diamond.
my box was for 200 guest.
I recommend a stronger frame or a thicker paper if you have more guests. My box looked like it was going to crumble after I carried it back to my room full of red packets. It's pretty unique so a lot of people touched it too.

I recommend using glue gun. fast and strong. You can only see the outside so use duck tape or whatever you need to make it strong from the inside.

Hope this helps... I wish you a beautiful wedding!

Ultimate_Princess said...

Thank you so much! I will try to make one myself but I am not very crafty. In the event that I can't. Do you make and sell them?

Ringo said...

Sorry~ I'm not selling them at the moment...

I just came across this website... it's a template for a small diamond so not sure if it will help but you should take a look :)