Aug 10, 2012

Hello, it's me!

Hi everyone! Today is the last day of my 20s so I decided to make this a special post where I share a bit more about myself. Ringology has been all about 'creativity' and 'design' for the past 2 years and I tried not to post personal things unless they are related to these topics. So here's a list of some random facts on me!  I love my blog and I love my readers' support even more so I hope you can feel like we're friends after reading this!... also hope that you keep checking Ringology :)

  1    I was born in Tokyo, full Japanese, but spent almost half of my life living overseas. Well, 14 out of the 30 years so far. 3 years in Hawaii, 7 years in Los Angeles and now 4 years in Singapore and counting.

  2    Majority of the posts are in English but I am fluent in Japanese. Really. 漢字は苦手です。

     I've loved to travel since I was young. As a kid, I never asked for a dog because I knew that I wuldn't get to travel as much if I had one. The love for travelling was probably influence from my ex-flight attendant mom.

  4    My best friends live in Tokyo, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Brazil and Shanghai. That sounds pretty cool but this is one thing that SUCKS. I miss them everyday.

  5    I have an architecture degree from USC. I love being a Trojan.

  6    I work at an architecture firm. I don't get the Monday blues and  I enjoy working with my colleagues.  I guess this is one of the biggest blessings in your adult life.

  7    I got married last year to Marcus, he's a Singaporean. I'm a dreamer and he's a realist.  He's an anchor to my life and it's allowed me to put down my roots and settle for once.  Sometime I pull him in my boat and we go on adventures.

  8    My all time favorite foods are prawns, pan-seared foie gras and Japanese strawberries, especially あまおう. My current addiction is almond stuffed olives.

  9    I love tea and it's pretty much all I drink. I can't drink soda and I've had two sips of coke my entire life, both times by accident.

 10   I love to laugh. My brother hates watching anything funny with me because I laugh too loud.  漫才大好き~! できれば24時間お笑いだけのテレビがほしい。

 11   I don't do cucumbers, shiitake mushrooms, milk, whipped cream, coffee, scary movies, guys who ask what kind of music you like in the first conversation, cats, moss green.

 12   I am an excellent bowler. That's one thing I will not be humble about.

 13   That's me!

See you all in my 30s