Sep 24, 2012

Weekend Love: Green!

If I had to choose a word to wrap up the past weekend it would be 'GREEN!' The Saturday morning began early with our trip to the Nyee Phoe Flower Garden way up in the northern part of Singapore. We were there on a mission! The architecture firm I work for won a competition to build a Pavilion for the upcoming Archifest in Singapore. The walls of this structure will be installed with 2000 planters made from recycled bottles as a part of the 'zero-waste' building concept. And guess who had to prepare this!? yup, my colleagues and I spent the day planting away. Those of you in Singapore, I hope you visit the Pavilion!

Sunday was also green. Green grass from the driving range.  It's usual for me to visit the range on Sundays with my husband, but this week was special. It was the first time I wore my brand new and very first pair of golf shoes! How cute are these.  

It's good to spend a weekend away from the computers.  I hear green is good for your eyes :) Hope you had a fun weekend too!

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