Dec 31, 2012

Countdown: Best posts!

Here comes the last post of the year for Ringology! Join me as I look back on the 260 posts of 2012 and announce the 'most viewed' for each of the categories. We've seen some amazing designs and designers and it's been a real pleasure discovering and sharing them with you!

First category is the DIY/ creative projects, and the prize goes to...  Moss Grafitti!! Thanks to the share from viewers this post went viral! A big thank you to my friend Alex who shared this project with me. 

The most viewed under the product design category is... Yum Yum Cover!  This was an instant hit. 

Accessories is a tough competition because I've introduced so many amazing and interesting designs.  This year the crown goes to, Bow Tie USB.

I always enjoy sharing food and eateries I experienced. It looks like Open Door Policy in Singapore won this category. 

I love to travel so it's very exciting that I can share experiences from a trip with the readers here. The post on Sofitel So Bangkok, which was a part of my birthday trip ranks number one!

Wedding related posts are always popular and it's one of my favorite topics too. Enchanted Spring Flowers takes the cake in this category with its beautiful photos.

And last but not lease, the overall winner for the MOST VIEWED post of 2012 is ... My bow tie nail design ;) I'm pretty excited that it's my original post!

If you recognized the posts mentioned above, thank you for your continued support. If these look new to you, hope you stick around for more in the upcoming year!

Thank you all for a wonderful year and see you in 2013!!

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