Dec 10, 2012

DIY Christmas Yarn Tree

My 2012 Christmas tree is finally up :) This year I was inspired by a project from Rogerseller I introduced previously.  Hope you like it more than last year's!

All I purchased for this project was 2 balls of yarn from Daiso. That's a grand total of $4 dollars! 

First step is to create the triangular tree frame for the yarn to be strung.  I used thumb tacks instead of nails to minimize the damage on my wall.  Then just string away~.  It was my first time stringing but I didn't plan too much and just had fun with it.  Theres no one right way of doing it so everyone will have different results, and thats the beauty of it :)

I planned to make pompoms for ornaments but I stopped half way through the process. I realized the roundness of the uncut pompom balls look very cute.  

And the yarns will rolled up again and reused for another project after Christmas :) 

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