Feb 25, 2013

Hokkaido: Jyozankei

Welcome to Japan week! I recently took a week off and traveled home to Japan so I have lots of photos to share. I'm going to begin with my 3 day mini holiday in Hokkaido with my husband. Our trip started with a beautiful day in an area called 定山渓 (Jyozankei).
Jyozankei is very convenient if are visiting Sapporo but want to squeeze in a ski day or a stay at the hot spring resorts away from the city. We wanted to do both and headed first to the Sapporo Kokusai Skiing Resort
After an intense afternoon ski session, we took a 30 minute bus ride to an amazing hot spring resort called Jyozankei Daiichi Hotel.  There was a hot spring bath with a snow mountain view right in our room! ぜいたく~ Great food, staff and rooms! I super recommend it!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with my day in Sapporo city!

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