Mar 25, 2013

The Engagement Party DIY

My friend recently asked me to be the maid-of-honor for her wedding in August!! and while this is super exciting in itself, wait 'til you hear where the wedding is taking place. It's in Copenhagen!! I never imagined myself attending a wedding in Denmark, let alone being a part of one!!! Since we can't really help prepare for the actual wedding, the bridesmaids decided to throw a surprise engagement party. Of course I had to DIY some special party decorations because this bride-to-be deserves nothing but the best!!

The party banner was a must but we customized the common "She Said Yes!" by adding the bride's name. I used silver paper to cut the letters out of so they they will sparkle in the dim bar where we held the party. 

The table centerpiece is my original paper flowers which are super easy to make. I printed papers in different shades of pink and purple rather than using colored paper. This way I can get just the right colors and add gradations to give a more romantic feel.  Cut the paper in petal shapes, around 10-15 pieces per flower. Start with one petal and wrap the others around it while holding the bottom.  I just stapled the bottom together at the end since it wont be visible when placed on the table. 

Finally, my personal favorite, the cake topper is a giant diamond ring made possible by the template offered on the amazing minieco blog. 

and there's the happy couple :)

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