May 6, 2013

Weekend Love: Singapore Stay-cation

Welcome back to a new week! I think I enjoyed myself a little too much over the weekend with an impromptu stay-cation right here in Singapore. I have to say, we did a pretty good job making it feel like we were off this little island. Here are my 3 easy steps to the perfect Singapore stay-cation.

1. The Stay.  Luckily our friends invited us to spend 2 nights at the Orchard Scott which made this whole stay-cation possible.  Pool is a must to get you in the holiday mood!

2. The Tourist.  We headed up Bukit Timah road to the new farmer's market, Pasarbella, at the Turf City. This place totally feels like your are outside of Singapore.

3. The Feast.  We were eating constantly like people do when they're overseas.  We had a big barbeque to finish off the weekend.  Nothing says holiday like a fresh seafood barbeque.

BONUS:  Catch the sunrise of sunset.  It's refreshing to wake up to a different view.  I watched this sunrise out of the room we stayed in around 6:50 am. 

and lastly, post all your photos on facebook ;)

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