Jun 10, 2013

Weekend Love: The iPad App hunt

I'm coming back this Monday with a big smile because I just got myself an iPad mini!! My new shiny toy will let me blog on-the-go :)  I'm an iPhone user of 4 years but I'm searching for new exciting iPad apps to help with the blogging and material search. I already installed the usuals like pinterest & bloglovin' but here are my new additions.

Adobe ideas is great for sketching and drawing over photos. The creative cloud allows you to pick up what you started on the iPad later in illustrator for refinement. 

Has anyone tried the Posts? It's a blogging platform that works with Blogger and Wordpress. I'm loving the interface! and the best part is that this app used to be $9.99 but now it's free!

I'm also trying out Evernote and Pulse which comes highly recommended for bloggers. Do you have any other recommendations for me?!?

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