Jul 29, 2013

Weekend Love: Goodbye iPhone

I made a huge decision recently to switch from iphone to android!! I'm heading to buy my new phone after work today so I spent some time over the weekend to figure out how to make this transfer smooth. The first thing we worry about is photos and contacts right?! I have 8 GB worth of photos so I decided its time to just take that off the phone, save it on my desktop and get a fresh start. As for contacts, I used NQ Contact Sync and this was super easy. Just upload contacts, and download at your new phone. 

The calender is another one of my most important functions used daily. This transfer is also made easy-peasy by syncing the Calendar and Notes with the gmail account you're going to use for the android. I'm so excited for my new phone and the android experience!

Byebye to my cupcake scented iphone cover.  Served me well :)

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