May 18, 2012

The dream house

Considering I have an architecture degree and work at an architecture firm, most friends who visit my blog for the first time are surprised to see so little on the topic. It never even crossed my mind but since it's been brought to my attention and because suddenly this post seemed out of place, I felt like it needed an introduction.  Yes, I'm bringing you images of a house.

Majority of my posts are on things that make me say,"Oh! I want!!" or "darn it, why didn't I think of that!" and today I found a house that made me say "I WANT"... unfortunately it's located in Australia and not available online like most things I introduce so it will have to stay a dream house.  and I will have to work for another five hundred years to recreate this in Singapore ;)  I see plenty of images of beautiful/ unique/ exciting contemporary houses but I rarely connect to it enough to visualize myself and family living that space.  Maybe the feeling is similar to the unhappy hipsters I introduced before. But this house I love.  It's a renovation and extension project in Sydney by Smart Design Studio.  I think most of all I'm in love with the outdoor space and all the interior spaces connected to it.

I'll eat breakfast here everyday.

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