Aug 9, 2013


Hello everyone. I have some big news for you today.  Ringology is moving to a new home! and it will be getting a new name and a makeover!!  I was very excited.. until I started writing this post. I will sure miss being Ringology.  This will be the last post here so please remember to add my new blog address to your daily reads!!! You can find the bloglovin' link here.

Thank you for supporting Ringology and see you over at SFC Design! xoxo

Aug 8, 2013

Nail Art: Chevron

My birthday is coming up this weekend so the nails are ready for the partaaay!! 

Aug 7, 2013

Ice Cream Fun

Ice Cream season is here! Unless you are in Singapore like me where it's ice cream weather all year round :) I rarely eat ice cream these days but I will definitely take a scoop if it comes in this porcelain cone by Virginia Sin. Sure to make the summer season sweeter!

Complete the the super cute wooden ice cream spoons from SucreShop.

because without ice cream,

Aug 6, 2013

Black Frame Windows

I came across this image recently of a residence by Hecker Guthrie and I've been obsessing over black frame windows as interiors since. Aren't they beautiful?!

I've collected more amazing images because if I ever need to renovate my kitchen, we're putting these in!


Aug 5, 2013

Weekend Love: Personal Pizza

I just enjoyed the first relaxing weekend in months. I went a little something like the poster by Emma Bergqvist.  

Our laziness to go out on Saturday night turned in to a fun pizza party. Personalized pizzas with just your favorite toppings!

I think my next dinner party will include a diy pizza station ;)